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Independent Home recently completed a walk in tub installation for our customer Mrs. Roth from Albany. Learn how the process was completed and how a walk in tub can make your bathing experience safe and simple.

Pre-Installation Meeting

Every one of our installations begins with a pre-installation meeting. The meeting consists of the customer and experts discussing what type of tub model would work best for the customer, deciding where the best location would be, and what type of finish should be added.

Mrs. Roth had told our experts that last year she had knee replacement surgery. She was now experiencing trouble getting in and out of her bathtub. She was looking for a tub that was easier to get in and out of. Our experts decided that our celebrity walk in tub model would work best for Mrs. Roth.

The celebrity model was the best option for Mrs. Roth because not only does it have the low threshold for entering and exiting like she was looking for, it has other great features as well. Features include a non-slip floor, a non-slip ADA compliant seat, and a hand-held shower head, just to name a few.


After the pre-installation meeting, our experts began the preparation for installing Mrs. Roth’s walk in tub. The preparation included taking out her old bathtub along with the foundation, disconnecting the plumbing, and finding a power source close to the new tub’s location.


Once the preparation was finished it was time for our experts to begin the installation. This included bringing in Mrs. Roth’s new tub, placing the tub in the ideal location, leveling the legs, connecting the plumbing, and making sure that there weren’t any leaks.

The final step in the installation process is building the finish around the tub. Mrs. Roth had asked our experts to maintain her existing tile, which was simple for our experts to do. The installation only took one day to complete.

Customer Update

Mrs. Roth could not be happier with her new walk in tub. She feels comfortable getting in and out safely and it hasn’t caused any trouble for her knee.

If you are looking for a tub that is easy and safe to get in and out of, contact Independent Home today.

NY walk in tub

Mrs. Roth gives her new walk in tub two thumbs up!