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Bathing can be tough if you are confined to a wheelchair. You may have to constantly rely on people for help. However, by adding a wheelchair accessible bath to your home you will be able to gain back some of your independence.

Regular bathtubs are nearly impossible to get in and out of for those in wheelchairs due to their high walls. A wheelchair accessible bath is built with the door placed at the level of the seat. This allows the bather to have an easy slide transfer from their wheelchair into the tub.

A wheelchair accessible bathtub also has safety grab bars for those who may not be confined to a wheelchair 24/7 but still have limited mobility. The bars allow the bather to lift themselves in and out independently.

In standard tubs the controls can be hard to reach making it difficult and dangerous for anyone, especially for those in a wheelchair. With a wheelchair accessible bath the controls are close to the seat making it simple to reach and allows you to avoid the bending, leaning, and possible falls.

Not only does a wheelchair accessible bath help you remain independent but it also helps take away your joint pain and reduces stress with the use of hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy jets move in a greater range of motion, which increases your circulation. Increased circulation reduces the muscle inflammation taking away the muscle pain. Stress is reduced as the warm water and jets allow endorphins to be released, which reduces tension.

Installing a handicap accessible tub will allow you to maintain your independence and takes away the stress of relying on assistance. Add one to your home by contacting Independent Home today.