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The Best Walk-In Tub Features

New York walk-in bathtubs are ideal for people who are elderly, disabled or have limited mobility. They are also used by people who are looking for the spa experience at their NY home. Spa enthusiasts are often looking to relax or cope with pain, arthritis and stress. The wide variety of walk-in tub features allows the buyer to customize the tub based on how it will be used. Walk-in tubs take safety to the next level. The features, if selected correctly, should improve the intended use of the walk-in tub. They should also make the bathing process easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Some of the best walk-in tub features to consider are:

Compact Walk-In Bathtubs

Compact walk-in bathtubs offer safety as usual but in a smaller size. The compact versions can come with either front or side-opening doors. They still allow for deep soaking, and the size suits every lifestyle. These tubs provide a solution for small bathrooms that cannot handle a lot of renovations. The walk-in tub is small but still provides premium cleansing and relaxation opportunities.

Oversized Walk-In Bathtubs

Oversized walk-in bathtubs offer a lot of space and feature wide-entry doors that allows for maximum mobility. These bathtubs are great for those who simply need more space. The wide-entry door usually opens outward, allowing the owners more space to maneuver as they step in. The oversized bathtub allows the owner to stretch out and relax for a spa-like experience. Although the tub is large in size, it will still fit in the same space as the old tub.

Powered Walk-In Tubs

Powered walk-in tubs are designed for those that are disabled or those that have mobility issues. These tubs will have a chair that lowers once the owner sits down. Another version of powered walk-in tubs has a power-lift chair that swivels in and out of the tub. Both versions ensure the owner feels safe and secure. For those who are high risks for falls in the bathroom, the powered version is among the best walk-in tub features to have.

Tub/Shower Combos

Walk-in tub/shower combos allow versatility for the owner. This option allows the owner to decide how to best manage personal hygiene. Whether the owner is in the mood for a long relaxing soak or a quick rinse, a tub/shower combo allows for both. A shower is one bathing feature that all owners should consider. Most of the shower heads are detachable, which allows seniors to shower while sitting down. Additionally, there is an added benefit of reducing water costs by not filling up the tub with each use.

Choosing a NY walk-in tub with the best features is essential to improving mobility and safety in the bathroom. The owner should choose a tub that meets the needs and the current living situation. Not all tubs are ideal for every owner and the size of the owner’s bathroom. It is best to talk with a reputable company to discuss the best features for the situation.