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You can make your bath an extremely relaxing experience. How do you do that? You add chromatherapy lighting to your New York walk in bathtub and you will experience something that you have never before.

Chromatherapy is an underwater light system that uses LED technology. The lights run in a specific sequence that make you feel relaxed and more energized after your bath. The lights also help with a person’s physical, mental, and emotional energy. Each color has a different meaning and helps create different feelings.

Orange is the color to give you energy. It will help your blood flow and re-energize your nerves. It is a symbol of prosperity and pride.

Red is another energizing color. Red being in the sequence helps improve your body’s circulation and will give you excitement.

Purple is the first relaxing color in the chromatherapy sequence. It helps put you in a tranquil mood and will get rid of your nervous thoughts.


Green is another relaxing color in the sequence. In a chromatherapy setting green will put you in a calm and stable mindset.

Blue is one of the most relaxing colors in the chromatherapy sequence. Blue helps with reducing stress, who doesn’t need help with that?


Chromatherapy and a bath is the perfect way to relax. To make it even better, you could add hydrotherapy with jets for that massage and spa feel. Start enjoying your baths in your NY home today.