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Though we would all love to have a large and luxurious bathroom in our homes and apartments, the reality is that not every home comes equipped with a ton of bathroom space.  This can make adding safety features and new fixtures to your bathroom very difficult.  You deserve to add safety to your New York bathroom no matter the size of your space, and that is why Independent Home created the Cube walk in tub.


When we think of standard walk in bathtubs, we think of a standard rectangular sized tub that fits into a standard bathtub wall cavity.  This is great for standard bathrooms, but what if you have a small space?  What if you only have a shower stall in your bathroom?  That is where the compact cube shaped tub comes in.


The Cube walk in tub is small enough to fit in the space of a shower stall.  This means that the Cube tub can fit in virtually any bathroom.  The compact size is made possible by having a front closing door instead of a door on the side of the tub.  The compact cube design is easy to install and easy to use.


Worried that you may need to sacrifice luxurious walk in tub features by going with a Cube walk in tub?  Think again!  The Cube comes with massaging jets and a shower wand for easy use.  You can have a safe and luxurious bath even in a tiny space.


The Cube tub is also great for people who want to add a walk in tub to their bathrooms, but don’t want to remove their existing tub or shower.  Because of the compact size you may be able to fit a Cube tub into your bathroom without disrupting the current setup for other family members who may not need to use a walk in tub.


If you are interested in owning a walk in tub, but are afraid that your space is too small to accommodate it, the Cube walk in tub is perfect compact walk in tub for you!  Independent Home can help get you into your Cube tub today!  Give us a call!


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