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Independent Home’s main priority is to provide our Long Island walk in tub customers with a safe yet enjoyable bathing experience. Find out how our installation experts provided that for our customer Diane T. from Long Island.

The experts began the installation process by meeting with Diane for a pre-installation meeting. The meeting consisted of finding the best walk in tub for the customer’s needs, deciding on the best location, and what type of finish should be added.

Diane had told our experts that she wanted a walk in tub that was safe, relaxing, and others would be able to use. The best tub for Diane’s requirements was our celebrity walk in tub model.

It’s was the best choice for safety because it has a low edge for easy entering and exiting, a non-slip floor, and a 17” seat. For Diane’s relaxation request, hydrotherapy can be added to the tub, allowing for deep soaking massages. Other users are able to use the extendable shower wand.

After the pre-installation the preparation and installation began. This included removing the old tub and foundation, disconnecting the old plumbing and fixtures, hooking up the new plumbing, and testing for leaks. Installation also involves our installers building a wall around the tub. Diane wanted our experts to maintain the tile that her husband had put up years ago, which they made sure to do.

Diane along with her son are extremely happy with the tub. Her son told us that with the tub’s safety features, he doesn’t have to worry about his mom when he isn’t able to be with her.

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Diane's new walk in tub in her Long Island home

Diane’s new walk in tub