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Long Time NY Arthritis Sufferer Gets Much Needed Walk In Tub


New York Walk In Tub

Mrs. Wells posing with her brand new walk in tub


Mrs. Wells had been suffering from long term arthritis and poor circulation for a long time.  The affects were taking a toll on her day-to-day activities and making it difficult to remain independent in her New York home.  She had been considering adding a walk in tub to her bathroom for quite some time, but was never sure she could afford it.  Finally, Mrs. Wells decided to investigate walk in bathtubs further, and she was sure glad that she did.


An Independent Home specialist met with Mrs. Wells to discuss what she needed from a walk in tub.  He also discussed a variety of financial options with her to show her that she, too, could comfortably afford a walk in tub.  After their discussion, our specialist put together a monthly payment plan that would make the project manageable for her.  With a plan in mind, it was time to install a new walk in bathtub for Mrs. Wells.


With a variety of walk in tubs to choose from, Mrs. Wells decided to purchase a Hydrotherapy walk in tub.  Hydrotherapy water and air jets offer a luxurious spa quality massage every time you bathe.  They also offer arthritis relief, and can help with poor circulation.  This tub was the perfect option for Mrs. Wells to help her live more independently, and to help sooth away her arthritis pain.


A picture speaks a thousand words.  Mrs. Wells can’t wait to start enjoying her brand new walk in bathtub.  She is just one of our many satisfied customers enjoying their walk in tubs from Independent Home.  Not sure if a walk in tub is right for you?  Call 888-664-6920 today to speak to our specialists about our customizable tubs and financing options.  We can’t wait to help you live more independently, just like Mrs. Wells!