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New York County Walk in Tubs

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New York County is more commonly known as the city of Manhattan.  Moving around your Manhattan home can become difficult as you age, but by adding a walk in tub you can stay in your beautiful New York home for as long as possible.

Independent Home has a variety of walk in tubs to choose from to suit every customer’s needs. Our wheelchair accessible model is called the Access Walk in Bathtub. The Access Walk In Tub is wheelchair accessible with a slide transfer seat, a safety grab bar for extra protection, and reliable stainless steel level legs to keep your tub from warping or leaking.

Our walk in tub installation takes Independent Home less than one day to complete. The process includes throwing away your old tub, putting in safety grab bars, and installing new plumbing. Installation is 100% lifetime guaranteed.

By adding a walk in tub to your New York County home, you can help maintain your independence. Contact Independent Home today!