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Independent Home just recently completed a walk in tub installation for our customer Anne of Long Island. Learn about our installation process and how the tub’s safety features can allow you to maintain your independence.

All of our installations begin with a pre-installation meeting. This meeting allows our experts and the customers to get together to discuss what type of tub would best fit the customer’s needs, where the best location would be, and what type of finish should be added.

Anne decided that our celebrity walk in bathtub model was the best choice. The celebrity was the best choice for Anne because it has a simple design, is able to fit into small spaces, and has the safety features that she was looking for. The safety features include a non-slip floor, an ADA compliant seat, safety grab bars, and a low threshold for easy along with safe entering and exiting.

Anne also decided to add air jet therapy to her walk in tub. This adds a relaxing factor and also will help reduce joint pain.

Once it was decided what type of tub would work best for Anne, installation was ready to begin. The installation included taking out Anne’s old shower and its foundation, bringing in the new tub, making sure the legs were level, connecting the plumbing, and making sure there were no leaks. The installation took only a couple of days to complete.

Anne could not be happier with her tub. She feels safe and isn’t afraid bathe while home alone.

Contact Independent Home today if you are looking for a safe bathing experience.

Long Island Walk In Tub

Anne’s new walk in tub with great safety features