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Sooth Away Arthritis Pain with a Walk In Tub

Do you suffer from arthritis pain? Arthritis pain can impact every activity you do from the complex to the mundane. Wouldn’t it be nice to ease some of the pain to get back to feeling like your old self again? You can with the benefits of a NY walk in tub.


Walk in tubs are not only easy to get in and out of for arthritis sufferers, but they also offer massaging jets that relieve arthritis pain. These jets massage sore joints and allow your body to release toxins to become a more refreshed and relaxed version of you.


Of course walk in tubs are also safer that standard bathtubs. By sitting in a seated position it is easier for arthritis suffers to get in and out of the tub. The easy to open door is also good for arthritis sufferers who may struggle with some door handles. Most functions on the tub can be activated with the push of a button to add further ease to the use of a walk in tub.


If you are considering a walk in tub as a means to sooth your arthritis pain call Independent Home today to learn more about our great lineup of  NY walk in tubs!