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Walk in Tubs Mount Vernon NY

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Walk In Tubs – When you love your New York home, it is hard to imagine leaving it due to something like a mobility issue.  Most people want to enjoy their home for as long as they can.  Mount Vernon, NY residents know that by making a few changes to their homes now, they can enjoy their beloved home for a little bit longer in the future.  This is where adding walk in bathtubs to your Mount Vernon home is a sound investment in yourself.  The easy access door is just one of the benefits in owning a walk in tub.  Other benefits include arthritis pain relief, muscle relaxation, and sleep cycle improvement.  An Independent Home walk in tub is good for your health and safety!

Walk In Tub Prices – Not all walk in tub companies offer quality products, so how can you be sure you are getting a good product for your investment?  If a walk in tub is priced inexpensively and seems too good to be true, it probably is.  These cheap walk in bathtubs often lack steel frames that are used to prevent warping and leaking, and they may be manufactured with cheaply made parts.  One should also be aware that not all expensive tubs are good quality, and that some are overpriced for the product that they are offering.  Most respectable walk in tub manufacturers will use quality parts and will price their tubs competitively.  Whatever kind of walk in tub you are looking for, Independent Home offers a wide range of products for any budget.  Their Access Walk In Tub is designed specifically to meet the needs of wheelchair bound individuals seeking independence.  The Celebrity Walk In Tubs is our nicely appointed standard model that is reasonably priced and built to fit most standard sized bathrooms. The Freedom Shower is a good alternative for those looking for a shower instead, but that require better access for their limited mobility.  No matter what your need Independent Home has you covered.

Walk In Tub Installation – Some homeowners decide to try to save money by hiring their own contractor to install their tub, but does this really work?  Many plumbers and electricians can charge a fortune for their work, and if they are unfamiliar with walk in tub installation they run the risk of making costly errors.  Independent Home trains our own team of professional installers that know all of our products inside and out.  Our installations can be done in less than one day, and our friendly installers will take the time to teach you how to use your new tub while they are there.  Why risk a bad installation when you can have a trained technician at your disposal?

If you are looking for a quality walk in tub or walk in shower for your Mount Vernon, NY home, look no further than Independent Home.  We offer a competitively priced product made with the highest standards around. Call today to learn how a new walk in tub can change your life for the better!