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Independent Home just completed a walk in tub installation for a couple in West Chester. Check out how our installation process works and how a walk in tub could benefit you.

Our installation process starts with a pre-installation meeting. Our experts met with Allison and Greg to find out what type of walk in tub would best fit their needs, the best location, and what type of finish they would want. At the meeting, our experts learned that Allison and Greg already had a walk in shower. However, it wasn’t providing them with what they needed. They both suffer from arthritis and restless leg syndrome and were looking for relief.

The Supreme Walk in Bathtub model was the perfect solution for Allison and Greg because not only do they suffer from arthritis and restless leg syndrome they also are bariatric clients and needed a wider tub. The Supreme model is large, has a non-slip floor, two safety grab bars, and hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is what will help reduce Allison and Greg’s pain. Their pain will decrease each time they enjoy a deep soaking massage that is provided by the air and whirlpool jets. The jets work in a greater range of motion that causes an increase in circulation. As Allison and Greg’s circulation increase, their muscles will begin to rehabilitate and reduce the pain.

The installation only took a couple days to complete. That included taking out their old shower along with removing the foundation, bringing in the new bathtub, making sure the legs are level, hooking up the new plumbing, and making sure that there aren’t any leaks. The last part of the installation is building the finish. Allison and Greg had wanted our experts to maintain their bathroom tile.

Allison and Greg could not be happier with their walk in tub. The hydrotherapy has helped decrease their joint pain, giving them the energy to get out more often.

If you suffer from arthritis or restless leg syndrome and are looking for relief, contact Independent Home today.

Walk In Tub West Chester New York

Allison and Greg’s new walk in tub