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A walk in tub is a beneficial home accessory. It provides safe bathing with grab bars and a non-slip floor. It also provides relaxation with hydrotherapy jets. Even with these great benefits, many people are hesitant about adding a walk in tub to their home because of the installation process. However, the walk in tub installation process is simple and quick if completed by a professional.


Before any installation can begin, a pre-installation meeting is set up between you and the walk in tub installation professional. At this meeting the location of the walk in tub is decided to best fit your needs along with the type of finish wanted. The pre-installation meeting is also a great chance to voice any other requests or questions you may have.


Before the actual installation begins, preparation has to be done. This mainly involves taking out the old tub. The removal process begins with disconnecting the fixtures. Once the fixtures are disconnected the old foundation is removed. Then comes the disconnecting of the internal plumbing. Finally, comes the removal of the tub and the rest of the foundation.

After the removal, the walk in tub installation professionals work on finding a power source close to the new tub’s location along with completing the pre-plumbing work.


The walk in tub installation starts with placing the tub at the desired location and leveling the legs. Then, the water supply is connected and tested to make sure there aren’t any leaks. Once the tub is in place, the shelf area connected to the tub is built to finish off your new walk in tub’s installation.

Final Walk Through

Once the installation is complete, the professional will do a final walk through with you. They will show you how to use the tub’s controls, system, etc. The professional will also answer any final questions that you may have.

Don’t let the installation of a walk in tub discourage you from enjoying a safe and relaxing experience. Contact us today for a professional one day installation.